Gamesbeat: Red Robot labs gets off to good start with Life is magic location-base game

Life is Crime is one of the rare successes in location-based mobile games in 2012, generating several million downloads. And Red Robot Labs has high hopes for its second location-based game, Life is Magic.

The Mountain View, Calif.-based company launched Life is Magic, a role-playing game set in fantasized map overlaying the real world (see picture at right for the San Francisco Bay area version of the map). The free-to-play iOS and Android game uses Red Robot’s R2 game engine, which can overlay any map on top of real-world locations — you can walk down your own street in a game. But it converts your local 7-Eleven into a medieval shop, surrounded by trees, dirt paths, inns, and other buildings consistent with a fantasy setting.

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Macgasm: Life is Magic, game of the week

Location and gamefication has gotten some pretty bad press from spam generators and apps that seem to be games in name only. Life is Magic is a location game per se, as it uses your real world location to create game levels.

Instead of bragging about how many times you’ve been to the Subway this week, you’re using MP to influence shops for better prices and journeying into dungeons with your friends. It has some rough spots, but is fun enough to slog through. It’s a free game available in the App Store.

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Massively: A look at the location based MMO Life is Magic

I’ve been looking forward to checking out Life is Magic since I first took a peek at it during GDC Online 2012. The art style, slick presentation, and location-based gameplay drew me in, but I’ve had it for only a short while since then. I’ve now been able to snag enough time to get a great idea about what the game holds for players, and so far I can say that there’s definitely a polish to the game that I haven’t found in many mobile MMOs.

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Cult of Mac: Location-Based Life Is Magic RPG iOS Game Out Now

Life is Magic is a location-based free-to-play game that uses your actual location to populate its fantasy/steampunk-themed role playing game (RPG). We reported on it back in September after a meetup with the game developers at PAX, but the game is live on the App Store now.

It’s like an online multiplayer game that turns the real world around you into a gorgeously illustrated land of magic, complete with dungeons, monsters, and treasure. The combat will feel familiar to anyone who’s played a turn-based JRPG game like the Final Fantasy series.

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GamingExaminer: Life Is Magic Review, 8.5/10

One of my goals when I was locking down meetings at PAX Prime this year was to focus on mobile games and accessories. I’m not the biggest fan of casual mobile games, but they appear to have a massive fanbase, and for good reason. They’re easy to play and don’t involve much time and effort. They are quick, easy fun.

However, I knew there had to be some mobile titles for core gamers. Smartphones and tablets are only getting more and more powerful, and many mobile games now have near console quality visuals. True, the actual touchscreen inputs leave a lot to be desired, but SOMETHING is out there for those who aren’t interested in slicing at virtual fruit and want something more, right?

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Kotaku: Take Over the World One RPG Dungeon at a Time

Every corner of this dirty little ball we live on has been mapped and uploaded to the internet. Now it’s time to play with it. Life is Magic gives players the chance to team up and take over a fantasy version of the real world, one city at a time.

Once you choose one of the three character classes available in Red Robot Labs’ Life is Magic—mage, machinist or monk—the game presents you with a map of your location, only instead of asphalt streets and concrete builds there are trees, dirt paths, inns and shops straight out of a fantasy novel. This is your world transformed.

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