Until recent years, games utilizing mobile device GPS for localization experiences have been few and far between. Android, iOS, Windows Phone, — even Sony’s PS Vita, with its “Near” feature — all support this relatively new take on games. Crackdown 2: Project Sunburst ventured into localization as a tower defense game set anywhere in the world of Bing Maps. Shadow Cities dabbled with augmented reality and location. Red Robot Labs, developers of Life is Crime, are also huge supporters of location-based gaming.

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PAX Prime 2012: Life is Magic for iOS and Android brings magic to your town

Life is Magic is a magical world where your favorite coffee shop turns into a potion vendor and dungeons hold fantastic treasure.

Your character can be a mage (fire and ice), monk (water, wood and healing), or machinist (science and electricity). Each has different powers with strengths and weaknesses against different types of enemies. You get new spells and abilities by finding them in dungeons, buying them in shops, and trading with other people. You can also upgrade the abilities you already have to make them even stronger.

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Life Is Magic review by


“Red Robot has something quite interesting up their sleeve, and it turns out that it is magic. And free magic at that.

Hot after their last popular title, Life is Crime, comes Life is Magic. The game takes place on a world map that is based on the real map data of where you are currently located.

What do you do on this map of your town? Well you go into dungeons and fight monsters of course. There’s also treasure to find hidden amongst all the local businesses that have now become dungeons. I always thought there was a basement filled with monsters at that Starbucks.”

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Life is Magic developer Red Robot Labs reveals international release information

For an idea of what Red Robot Labs is all about, one needn’t look past its three-word slogan: Location is everything.

Since early 2011, Red Robot Labs has focused on bringing a new breed of location-based games to mobile gamers across the world.

Its most recent effort, the sweepingly successful RPG Life is Magic, has been the talk of gamers in the US and those abroad who are eager to get their hands on it (don’t worry, Europe, it’s coming soon).

Red Robot’s Peter Hawley gave us some time this week to discuss the Bronze Award-winner Life is Magic in addition to what fans expect from Red Robot Labs in the future.

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PocketGamer: Your iOS or Android Game of the Week: Life is Magic

One of our jobs here at Pocket Gamer isto sieve through the hundreds of apps that hit the App Store and Google Play every single day, and unearth those glittering gems.

Lately, though, we’ve been giving you the chance to have YOUR say, too. Basically, we’ve been giving you the opportunity to tell us your favourite game from a shortlist of the week’s best releases.

This week’s votes have been counted (and recounted), and we have a winner:Life is Magic.

Life is Magic is a colourful location-based MMORPG that transforms the world around you into a fantasy kingdom full of brave warriors and glittering treasures.

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Gamesindustry International: The State of Games Journalism

IGN’s Peer Schneider and Red Robot Lab’s John Davison discuss paid content, video growth, tracking new audiences and the end of a generation

Last year saw some big changes in game journalism. Most of the remaining print magazines shuffled off this mortal coil, though the seemingly invincible Game Informer continued to post strong circulation numbers. Game journalism on the internet saw many changes, as sites conducted minor or major overhauls, merged with other sites, or experimented with new ways of presenting game information to consumers. The debut of heralded a well-funded attempt to capture a large audience of consumers, which so far seems to be going well.

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