Life is Crime – Introducing Henchmen


You’ve come a long way, but now people are looking to make a name for themselves by taking you out. You need someone to watch your back, and no better person than your own Texas Ranger: Walker. Remember, there’s only one type of person in this world; people that Walker allows to live.

Walker is the first of many Henchmen to come. By equipping him, he adds a permanent amount of Attack to weapons you have equipped during a fight, which means that he always boosts whatever weapons that are equipped at the time. As you equip stronger and stronger weapons, he will continue to add to a weapon’s Attack power.

Here is an example of how Walker can boost your Attack:















Walker is available in the Armory NOW for a limited time only.

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  • Biledriver

    Only by 8? For 250 r2s, I feel cheated. I could have gotten way more if I would have bought a gun instead…

  • Dbrown

    Need more peeps 2 join de JONES

  • UrbanCowgirl

    How do you earn/ create/build a Gang HQ?

  • Michael Victorious

    Level 32 looking for a gang. My name is Broken Bonz and I play all day!

  • bad experience

    Bring life,is crime to highway 256 in omega Georgia please

  • Rita Cooper

    Why cant i play the game anymore