Life is Crime hits PAX

What a great few days the team had in Seattle. 80 Degrees, 75,000 gamers, a lot of fun and a ton of people playing our game. Seattle was hotly contested.

Here are some highlights and pictures.

Thursday: Arrival

We arrived, set up and met up with some old friends for a few drinks. Pete first came here in 1995 as a guest of Microsoft, when he was a journalist – Pre XBox. It was a tour of the campus and a visit to Bill Gate’s unfinished house. The Age of Empires demo was four cavemen sitting around a fire : )

PAX was setup and we chilled out before the rush.

Friday: Day 1 

The Life is Crime Scavenger hunt and the photo game started and it was a great success, folks winning T-Shirts, Android Tablets and Swag. Check our Facebook page for some of the awesome entries for the competition. Some pretty exotic ways to die – including hotel hangings, death by Zelda sword and a few throttlings. Check the Facebook page.

Mike and Pete were doing lots of press interviews – and our awesome Techcrunch article hit…

Evening came, we bought tequila shots for the Bastion team for their awesome game. Importantly at the end of the night, Mike went to Capitol Hill in Seattle and Pete went to meet some friends from Bungie. Like a real Life is Crime mission, Mike handed over his bag – containing MacBook Air, Chargers and his Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1…. but…

Saturday: Day 2

Mike and Pete meet for Breakfast. Mike asked for his bag. Pete remembered that the alcohol consumed with the Bungie guys had left him a little absent minded. The bag was somewhere in South Seattle.

Yellow Cab? No

Friends at Bungie? No

Which bar was Pete in? Unknown

Jonty from Bungie reminded Pete that they were drinking at a bar called “McSomething.”

Many minutes and cab rides later – we found a bar called McCormicks. It was closed. Nice barlady / owner opened the door and the bag was there. Drop, Search, Pick Up mission for potential stolen goods – Achievement Unlocked! Guilt avoided.

Sunday: Last Day

Mike was on local TV, Pete was on a plane and competition entries kept flooding in. But check the FB page link again to see my personal highlight of the show – the Roller Derby team dancing with the Plants vs Zombies Dancers outside PAX. Hilarious end to a packed weekend.

Now back to making the game even better: new features, new places, more geo work for the US. Some exciting game plans and a look into Canada and Europe with our tech. New version coming soon.

Oh – and the iPhone/iPad version too : )

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    Fell out of bed felenig down. This has brightened my day!