Life is Crime Global Mayhem Part 3

Part 3: Contract Killer

  • Start Time: 12/2 @ 11:01am Pacific
  • End Time: 12/5 @ 2pm Pacific

You got your Passports and and proved yourself as a heavyweight, but you moved too fast and pissed off the wrong people. You’re safe at home, but people outside your hometown are attacking your organization.

Points accumulated will be added to your gang’s point total for the event.

Be sure to read the new gang event rules here.



  • Fight your rivals and win in Fly-to cities to accumulate points


The level of the player killed affects the number of points you receive.

  • Each target is worth 1 point
  • If the target over 10 levels above you is worth 4 points


Go here for full event details.

  • MoCsomeone

    considering the tens of thousands of points people got in part 3, I highly doubt this part will even affect any gang’s rankings in the slightest. 1 or 4 points per kill? How many people can you kill with full stamina? I was picking up 200 points per 25 energy during part 2. Come on RRL, dafuq? This was poorly thought out and even worse was the execution. I am severely disappointed with you guys. Your idea of what consists of a “balanced” game (lol clearly a pay2win game) makes me realize that if there was ever a battle of wits between your entire company and a short bus full of window lickers, and even if they weren’t allowed their helmets, I’d still bet it all on them winning it easy. Even an infinite supply of the grossly overpriced r2 credits AND with NO frustratingly constant and time consuming force closed issues could put me from approx 100th place to the top 50. Idiots! Idiots! Stupid! Stupid idiots!

    • korkdakiller

      LMFAO! At least someone said it! E.G.K. for life!!

  • Straights / Crook Count Tat

    My husband is an avid Life is Crimer, and is a level 35. After reading the rules of Part3 in Global Mahem it says you can score 4 points for killing someone 10 levels above you, that is impossible for a level 35 player as there is a level cap of 40. His whole gang are level 35 as well, they were holding places 50 or better throughout the whole competition and have spent alot of money on R2′s to achieve this. Now it looks like the lower levels on the board from overseas are going to take the comp. when it should be the oldtimers with all the glory. The whole competion must be just to keep the newbies in the game and weed out the oldies. Better luck next time guys !! If there is such a thing. Red Robots is just out to make $$$$, not to keep the ones putting the money in their pockets happy !! NO RESPECT !! Love how you label your comps, Global Mahem, Kill-a-ween, etc… They be titled R2 credit comp., see who can spend the most. Simply Disgraceful !!

    Charcter ……Straights / CROOK COUNTY TAT

  • swagga

    how can i log off of life is crime to get on another one

  • John