Life is Crime Global Mayhem Part 2

Part 2: Pushing Weight

  • Start Time: 11/30 @ 11:01am Pacific
  • End Time: 12/2 @ 11am Pacific

Now that you’ve got some Passports, it’s time to start pushing some serious weight. Your objective is to drop off and pick-up as many Packages and Stolen Goods as you can in Fly-to cities. Trafficking Stolen Goods will get you more points than Packages.

Points accumulated will be added to your gang’s point total for the event.

Be sure to read the new gang event rules here.



  • Buy Packages and Stolen Goods at your home location
  • Fly to different cities and drop off or pick up Packages/Stolen Goods to get your gang event points
  • Fight other players at these locations for a chance to steal additional Packages/Stolen Goods to drop off for additional gang points

Gang contest points scale based on number of kg of Packages/Stolen Goods you drop off:

  • Packages: Each kg dropped off or picked up gets you 1 point
  • Stolen Goods: Each kg dropped off or picked up gets you 3 points


Go here for full event details.

  • darksummit

    Would be nice to leave full scoring numbers on the gang page rather then online only. Plus fix force close.

  • catx

    Where r the rules for part 3. Everyone is waiting????? Rules please!!!!

  • MoCsomeone
    Not that it’ll help… you can’t get shiite for points compared to part 2