Life Is Crime

About Life Is Crime

Real Places. Virtual Crimes. Turn your daily routine into criminal turf! Life is Crime is a first-of-its-kind, location-based RPG for iOS and Android. Dominate everything from coffee shops and local restaurants to international airports and famous landmarks. The more active you are, the higher your rep, making you the most notorious criminal where you live. Commit virtual crimes in real places.

Start your Criminal Gang! Gang-up with 3 other players to become notorious.

  • Get Live chat
  • Rep Bonuses
  • Win epic items in Gang competitions


  • Gear up! Fully Customizable avatar: 200+ equipable guns, gear, and items.
  • Unlock Achievements! Earn over 50 Achievements - Gold, Silver, and Bronze.
  • Pick and Drop off Packages at real locations and profit together.
  • Real World Game Map: The game map grows and persists over time with player interaction - become legendary where you live.
  • Dominate your Turf! Leaderboards & PvP: Fight other players at real locations.
  • Build your Criminal Reputation: Become notorious within your home town or city - fight and dominate territory to keep your Rep high.
  • Missions: Complete missions at any coffee shop, bank, gas station, and more. The “Rob Bank” mission can be virtually completed at any bank, anywhere.

Play with Friends

  • GameFeed enables players to share achievements, goals, and gameplay moments with other players. Discover new places and players.
  • R2 Gaming Network. The R2 Network also features push notifications and deep integration with social networks such as: Facebook, Twitter and Google.

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A Year of Crime

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