Join the conversation about videogames and games culture.

F!RST blends the best of live chat, social networks, message boards, and media sharing. It’s designed specifically for gamers, and it’s the first gamer community built exclusively for your mobile device. Start conversations as you would in a forum with an image, YouTube video, headline, or web link, and then chat about it live with other gamers.

F!RST can be shaped by simply subscribing to the games and subjects you care about, and to the people whose opinions matter to you most.

F!RST lets you shape and curate your experience so you can quickly chat with likeminded people whatever your gaming tastes.


  • Live chat about videogames with likeminded gamers
  • Live chat with players in Red Robot's Friendly Fire
  • Share images quickly and easily
  • Find and share YouTube videos - link your own YouTube channel to easily share videos you've posted, liked, and favorited
  • Share specific web pages by simply searching for the headline, and sharing the link
  • Save specific topics to your favorites, for quick access to conversations that are important to you
  • Icons and wallpapers for user profiles designed by former Bitmap Bros’ artist Dan Malone

Now Available for Android!