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Life is Crime – Gang Event 14: Global Mayhem


Congratulations–you made some serious moves and are infamous locally. Now it is time to go global and prove yourself beyond your home turf. Show the world who the real Kingpin is in our next Gang Event: Global Mayhem!

The 8 days of Global Mayhem are split into 3 unique events:

  • Massacre
  • Pushing Weight
  • Contract Killer

Only one of these events will occur at any given time, and we will announce each event’s details on the Gang Leaderboard and Facebook when the event begins. Be sure to check Facebook each day at 11am Pacific to see the details of that day’s events. Each gang will be awarded points based on actions taken during this event, and at the end of these 8 days, we’ll tally up the winners. Gangs will be ranked based on the total points gained in all 3 events.

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Life is Crime – Introducing Henchmen


You’ve come a long way, but now people are looking to make a name for themselves by taking you out. You need someone to watch your back, and no better person than your own Texas Ranger: Walker. Remember, there’s only one type of person in this world; people that Walker allows to live.

Walker is the first of many Henchmen to come. By equipping him, he adds a permanent amount of Attack to weapons you have equipped during a fight, which means that he always boosts whatever weapons that are equipped at the time. As you equip stronger and stronger weapons, he will continue to add to a weapon’s Attack power.

Here is an example of how Walker can boost your Attack:















Walker is available in the Armory NOW for a limited time only.

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Life is Crime Gang Event 13: Killoween



It’s Halloween and the world is haunted by Pure Evil. Hide your kids, hide your wife and hide your husband because they’re attacking everyone out there. It’s up to you to search venues, find the undead enemies and take them out.

Gangs will be ranked by the number of points earned through taking out these enemies. Taking out stronger enemies will get you more points, but be warned, they will fight back.

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Life Is Magic

Today we’re happy to announce Life is Magic, the next game from Red Robot Labs.

Life is Magic is a fantasy game set in an alternate version of the real world where players can explore, adventure together, and find great rewards.

Keep in touch with Life is Magic on Twitter and Facebook!

You can also find us at PAX Prime in Seattle from August 31st through September 2nd.

Updated 8/31: The first coverage is in from VentureBeat.

Life is Crime Gang Event 10: Body Count

Hey Criminals,

Dr Simo here and I’ve got the details on Body Count.

There are a lot of young guns on the scene trying to make a name for themselves. Prove you’re a real killer by taking down anyone and everyone.

In the Body Count event gangs will be ranked by their total kill count during the competition.
The rules are simple: 1 Kill = 1 Point.

Here’s what you get if you get to the top of the leaderboard:

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Last weekend push!

We’re coming up to the last weekend before we launch to marketplace and head to Seattle for PAX. PAX is an awesome place for us to launch because it’s an audience of gamers, not an audience of industry folks. We’re putting the finishing touches to Seattle: Landmarks, PAX venues, special missions and some cool limited edition prizes. More info to come and some early pre-release screens before we go Live! Here’s a shot from our ‘World Worker’ game world editing tool. Our proprietary tech populates the world map with venues and awesome locations for gameplay. We use the editor to [...]

Welcome to Red Robot. We’re hiring!

We’re working on innovative mobile-social games and solving some very hard problems on mobile. We’re passionate about building not just good games, but great games: every pixel counts!

Red Robot is hiring. If you’re interested in joining the team, we’re is looking for passionate, talented, and driven individuals of all levels of expertise and backgrounds.

To check out our open positions, visit the Red Robot Jobs Page

Stay tuned for more news and announcements coming soon.

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