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Life is Crime Global Mayhem Part 2

Part 2: Pushing Weight

Now that you’ve got some Passports, it’s time to start pushing some serious weight. Your objective is to drop off and pick-up as many Packages and Stolen Goods as you can in Fly-to cities. Trafficking Stolen Goods will get you more points than Packages.

Points accumulated will be added to your gang’s point total for the event.

Be sure to read the new gang event rules here.



  • Buy Packages and Stolen Goods at your home location
  • Fly to different cities and drop off or pick up Packages/Stolen Goods to get your gang event points
  • Fight other players at these locations for a chance to steal additional Packages/Stolen Goods to drop off for additional gang points

Gang contest points scale based on number of kg of Packages/Stolen Goods you drop off:

  • Packages: Each kg dropped off or picked up gets you 1 point
  • Stolen Goods: Each kg dropped off or picked up gets you 3 points


Go here for full event details.

Life is Crime – Gang Event 14: Global Mayhem


Congratulations–you made some serious moves and are infamous locally. Now it is time to go global and prove yourself beyond your home turf. Show the world who the real Kingpin is in our next Gang Event: Global Mayhem!

The 8 days of Global Mayhem are split into 3 unique events:

Only one of these events will occur at any given time, and we will announce each event’s details on the Gang Leaderboard and Facebook when the event begins. Be sure to check Facebook each day at 11am Pacific to see the details of that day’s events. Each gang will be awarded points based on actions taken during this event, and at the end of these 8 days, we’ll tally up the winners. Gangs will be ranked based on the total points gained in all 3 events.

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Life is Crime – Introducing Henchmen


You’ve come a long way, but now people are looking to make a name for themselves by taking you out. You need someone to watch your back, and no better person than your own Texas Ranger: Walker. Remember, there’s only one type of person in this world; people that Walker allows to live.

Walker is the first of many Henchmen to come. By equipping him, he adds a permanent amount of Attack to weapons you have equipped during a fight, which means that he always boosts whatever weapons that are equipped at the time. As you equip stronger and stronger weapons, he will continue to add to a weapon’s Attack power.

Here is an example of how Walker can boost your Attack:















Walker is available in the Armory NOW for a limited time only.

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